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Only 16 Types?

16 Boxes

You can’t fit me in a box!

It’s true, we’re all unique snowflakes, but that worldview doesn’t help us understand ourselves, or one another, any better. The 16 personality types identified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) are shortcuts to understanding how our brains are wired. Know your type—know yourself better, know others’ types—know them better.

16 Boxes gives your employees in-depth insight about their personalities so you can resolve conflicts, identify weaknesses, harness strengths, grow talent, improve communication, and develop leaders.

Research shows that today’s employees value culture over salary—16 Boxes gives you the tools to create a workplace where people are valued. To compete and win in today’s global business environment, successful organizations must be structured for speed, agility, and adaptability. Our solutions help you develop employee-engagement strategies, boost the resilience of your people, strengthen leadership, improve team dynamics, and increase productivity.

What We Do

our process

Build Individuals

Get the best from your people. We can coach individuals to enhance self-awareness and improve emotional intelligence. We can help you develop a deeper, richer, and better understanding of your people.

Build Teams

Create high-performing teams to grow your business. Our assessments deliver the insight you need to nurture team collaboration. We have the tools to help groups develop greater mutual respect, appreciation, and support.

Build Culture

Develop a culture that attracts and retains talent. Companies with a rich corporate culture have, on average, a turnover rate of just 13.9 percent compared to 48.4 percent at companies with a poor culture. Our assessments are proven to enhance communication, develop effective leadership, and improve group dynamics, enabling you to drive for a vibrant organizational culture.

Our Process

Understanding your culture and people are the first steps to workplace improvement. We survey your staff to discover how they feel about the current environment, then use the MBTI Assessment to determine their individual personality types.

Through exercises and education, your staff members learn how to be the best version of themselves and appreciate the differences in their teammates. The measurable results: deeper relationships, stronger communication, increased effectiveness, greater retention, and a happier workplace.

Lastly, we work with you to develop tools and systems to maintain the healthy changes we’ve identified in steps one and two, making sure you can both bring new people into your improved culture—and pass it on to the next generation. We will survey your staff once more, giving you a quantifiable measure of how 16 Boxes has impacted your culture.

Our Team

Nice to meet you!

Kevin is a certified MBTI Practitioner. As a former small-business owner, he has a unique understanding of the challenges businesses face in creating and maintaining a positive culture. Kevin will lead your team through the MBTI assessment and exercises, helping them to understand themselves and work better together.

Rachelle Swan PhD: Culture Measurement

Rachelle holds a PhD in Human Development and thrives in evaluation research, including tool development and data analysis. Dr. Swan will survey your staff to gain deep insight into work-culture processes and satisfaction. She will do this both before and after we work with you, to guide our consulting efforts and demonstrate the measurable impact 16 Boxes has on your organization.

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