How You Process Emotions Based on Your Type

Susan Storm, over at, is a prolific generator of excellent content. Her post about how each type processes emotions is long, but well worth the read—even if you only skip to the section about your own type.

Differences in emotional process can create all sorts of problems in relationships. Every type has logic, values, and emotions—but how we process them is very different. By understanding how you process yours, and how the people in their lives process theirs, you build a platform for richer and deeper understanding.

From Susan:

If you knew how to speak your husband or wife’s emotional language wouldn’t it make life easier?

If you could understand your child’s emotions, wouldn’t that make parenting easier?

If your answer is yes, then I hope this article will be an encouragement! I want you to get to the end of this article and understand how to connect emotionally with the people most important to you.”

Without further delay, click here to enjoy the full article!